Pro Tips of Learning

¡Entre más temprano empieces mejor!

Do you want to speak like a native? Do you want to understand how people know you are learning English? I am going to let you in on a secret it might not be just your accent, but the way you speak. Don’t worry I got you, my friend. With these pro learner tips, you can kick out those bad speaking habits and possibly even trick some people into thinking you were born speaking the language.

  1. I am fine, thank you. No! No! NO! taught in many schools and beginner classes as a common response to the question “How are you?” this is a dead give away you are a new learner. Think in your own language do you respond to people like that? Bien gracias. No, we rarely do. Saying I’m good. I’m great. Or even mix it up and really send people for a loop and say I’m doing alright how about yourself? (I promise you will get some head turning surprised you speak so naturally with that).

  2. The S!!! In English we don’t have "ES" it is just sss like in SUPER; go home practice, practice as that makes perfect.

  3. No touching. Okay, it may not be that bad but not many newcomers to South America like to be touch. We don’t mean to be rude. It’s a culture thing. A smile a handshake will work for men and women alike. This is seen as respectful and acceptable greetings in our culture. Getting close to someone in an invalid of their personal space. Yes, we like our personal space a lot and anyone that enters that space is break an unspoken rule. So that is it for this round my 3 top pro tips to help you out. Of course, I have more. As noted in many of our tips culture is so important to understanding a language its people and therefore succeeding and excelling in the country. Knowing what is acceptable and how to say something beyond pronunciation is so important. That’s why I invite you to come to learn with us at dive in languages. We teach not only the language but the culture. Don’t just learn a language experience it.

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