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 We have both learned some languages, we understand when you say that learning a language like English is difficult, but it doesn't have to be, in fact, we know how to make learning this language fun for children, youth and adults.


  Are you tired of paying for English classes for your children or for yourself and not receiving the best education and learning experience that you and they deserve? Are you embarrassed to travel to English-speaking countries, but you only know A-B-C, the basic phrases to get you where you need to go? Or can you read, write and maybe translate, but you have trouble expressing your ideas or thoughts that you want or need to say? We had them too.


  Maybe you even have a certificate that qualifies you at a high level, but the lack of practice and confidence have made you forget a lot what you knew. We are here to help you speak it and learn English in a way that works. Using the teaching and learning methods you will be able to speak better English in months.


Why should you let us help you and your children?

  There are some reasons, one of which is that we love what we do, we are real people like you and all our teachers are too. Another reason is that we have what Latin America lacks. In every school you learn some English, but as the saying goes "If you don't use it, you lose it." It is not until you learn to think in the second language that you can maintain the knowledge you have learned without losing it.


  We are an online English immersion school, promising native English speakers in every class.

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